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donna asu ga bokura no koto machiukete iru no darou
fuan da yo ne dakedo shiranai kara koso jiyuu da ne
kumotta sora mirai no jibun no sugata miushinaisou da
demo kienai mune no oku ni hikari sasu you ni

machigau koto wa kowai keredo
dare mo ga tachiagaru hazu sa
Step Step fumidase
kimi dake no ashioto wo sekai ni narase
All right todoku yo
Yes! hajimari wa ima mayotte mo ii
Step Step hibikase
atarashii jibun wo kono sora ni egake
Right Now bokura no
Yes! tabitachi da mirai tsukami torou
We gotta go!

Oh! mata ashi ga tomaru doko mite mo tashika na saki nado naku
tsumazuita kizu to ano hi no misu no tsumikasane de fukaku kakaru misuto
nukedasu ippo wa kimi dake no misshon sa susumou sesuji wa bitto
kunou mo kuyou mo nomikomi flow ikiteru kagiri wa subete ga hinto
hora, sono uchi hareru sa kitto...!

ano hi kimi to miageta sora aokute hateshinakatta
genkai to ka jibun ga tsukutte ita to kiduita ne
hoo wo tsutau namida de tashikameru n da omoi no tsuyosa
yuzurenai ne tsumazuita tte hanamezasu basho ga aru

mirai no chikamichi wa nai kara
nando mo jibun wo shinji ikou

Step Step kikasete
kimi dake no ashioto wo sekai ni terase
All Right tsunagaru!
Yes! kagayaita michi wo kakeagaru no sa
Step Step kienai
kuyashisa wo mioroshite sora wa tsuduku yo
Right Now bokura mo
Yes! habatakeru yume wo tsubasa ni kae
We gotta try!

どんな明日(あす)が 僕らのこと 待ち受けているのだろう

不安だよね だけど知らないからこそ自由だね

雲った空 未来の自分の姿 見失いそうだ

でも消えない 胸の奥に ヒカリ射すように


だれもが 立ち上がれるはずさ

Step Step 踏みだせ

君だけの 足音を世界に鳴らせ

All Right 届くよ

Yes! はじまりは今 迷ってもいい

Step Step 響かせ

新しい自分を この空に描(えが)け

Right Now 僕らの

Yes! 旅立ちだ 未来 掴み取ろう

We gotta go!

Oh! また足が止まる どこ見ても確かな未来(さき)など無く

つまずいた傷と あの日のミスの積み重ねで深くかかるミスト

抜け出す一歩は君だけのミッション さぁ進もう背筋はビッと

苦悩も苦労も飲み込みFlow 行きてる限りは全てがヒント

ほら、その内晴れるさ きっと…!

あの日 君と 見上げた空 青くて果てしなかった

限界とか 自分が作っていたと 気づいたね

頬を伝う 涙で確かめるんだ 想いの強さ

譲れないね つまずいたって 目指す場所がある

未来の 近道はないから

何度も 自分を信じ 行こう

Step Step 聴かせて

君だけの 足音を世界に鳴らせ

All Right 繋がる!

Yes! 輝いた道を 駆け上がるのさ

Step Step 消えない

悔しさを 見下ろして 空は続くよ

Right Now 僕らも

Yes! 羽ばたける 夢を翼に変え

We gotta try!

what kind of tomorrow are we expecting of us
we're unsure of ourselves, but we have freedom because we don't know
it seems we'll lose the shape of our future in the cloudy sky
but it remains in our hearts so that the light will shine

although you're afraid of making mistakes
everybody's gotta stand on their own two feet

Step Step step forward
make the sounds of only your footsteps echo in this world
All Right go for it
Yes! it's okay to feel lost in the beginning
Step Step let me hear you from afar
we'll paint a new us in this sky
Right Now let's grasp the future
Yes! on our trip
We gotta go!

Oh! the future is still uncertain even if you watch where you stop your feet
you hang deep in the mist with bruises from falling through days full of mistakes
sneak away step by step; that's your only mission, so ca'mon, let's go, get your muscles in beat
your suffering and hardships are your hints, so just go with the flow 'cause we're pushin' our limits
hey, the fog will clear, no doubt about it...!

i realized the boundaries i made
the day i looked up at the sky with you, at the endless blue
i knew the strength of my heart with the tears following my cheeks
we can't give in if we stumble along the way; there's a place we have our eyes on

let's go forward believing in ourselves no matter what
'cause there are no shortcuts to the future

Step Step let me hear you
make the sounds of only footsteps in this world
All Right together!
Yes! we'll run up the lighted path
Step Step the sky goes on
looking down on our lasting dismay
Right Now our dreams change to wings
Yes! so we may fly away
We gotta try!

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